Wednesday 14 May 2014

Artist Profile: Jarrod Factor

Jarrod Factor has produced for various artforms, in various mediums. Trained in music, film, theatre and media art, he has created innovative content as a sound designer, composer, director, video editor, motion graphics designer, lighting design and online content.

More about his major projects can be found at his official website, but the breadth and varied nature of Factor's output is better appreciated by some of his more obscure contributions.

Music For Film – 2007-2011 Compilation Album
A compilation of Jarrod's film music, released in 2007, but recently remastered with added tracks. Now available across all major music platforms:
Jarrod Factor on iTunes
Jarrod Factor on Google Play
Jarrod Factor on Amazon
Jarrod Factor on Spotify
Jarrod Factor on
2 tracks from Jarrod Factor’s Lightly Baked soundtrack featured on Music for Film: Cults, Classics and Curios Discogs entry.
The BBC Countdowns compilation. A very popular YouTube video until it was taken down. Features a continuous mix of all the BBC News Top of the Hour countdowns music. The video version even features information about the music, in 'BBC News-style' graphics'. Compiled and Mixed by Jarrod Factor:
BBC Countdowns Compilation on Grooveshark
More information about the BBC Countdowns Compilation can be found at Jarrod Factor's blog.

Jarrod's final production from Film School is available for purchase on - Insignia - A film by Jarrod Factor

To see more, visit:

Jarrod Factor’s YouTube Channel

Jarrod Factor’s Vimeo Channel

Jarrod Factor – Behance Profile

Jarrod Factor – Reverbnation Profile

Jarrod Factor - Last FM Profile

A more thorough bio can be found here: About Jarrod Factor

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